FM96CatintheHat: Welcome Cats!

11 09 2009

Hey there FM96 Cats! Congrats on being chosen to be one of the 60 Cats in the running to win $10,000!!!! It’s not going to be easy but it is going to be FUN!

This website is your place to tell the world about your experience as an FM96 Cat!


Tell us about those odd looks you get as you’re cruising down the 401. 

Tell us about that big annual employee performance review meeting you had.

Tell us about how itchy that hat is!!!


… and most of all – SHOW US PICTURES!

This is your place to share your experience with the world!

Have fun Cats – and good luck! That $10,000 is almost yours…




2 responses

14 09 2009
Cat #9

Sorry to hear that… but at the same time so excited muahaha.. I think CaT number ME (no.09) should win haha.. but Roy is cool too….. >_<
Isn't Roy my brother's friend?

14 09 2009

i was just told that i am not allowed to wear the hat now my boss said no thats fine sorry for wasting a hat i think that somebody eles could of used the hat so sorry for that and i wish everybody eles good luck and i am rotting for number 16 Roy B GO ROY GO

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