An introduction to Jimmy Cat #4!!!

14 09 2009

Name:  Jimmy Engl     Thats Kitty to you!!  Good god did I just say that?!

Occupation:   Sanitation Operator(Garbage Man!)

Married:  Nope…recently single and on the hunt for gazelle!!

Favourite Album(s):  Appetite for destruction by  Gun-n-Roses(Hell Yeah!!)  In between Days by  The Cure(Yeah thats right!  Whatchugonnadoaboutit!?!)   Anything by Led Zeppelin, Tilt, The Matadors(Horrorbilly mofo!!), The Brains….

Favourite Bands!?!:  Damnit!  Look up!  And…Evanescenece(sic)?, U2, AC/DC, Guns-N-Roses…etc…

Favourite Movie(s):  American Graffitti, Almost Famous, The Green Mile, Goodfellas, A Nightmare Before Xmas, Edward Scissorhands, Anything really good…not crappy!!

Something interesting about me:  I can cook like a mofo and am a huge romantic sap/sucker.  Chicks (really!!) dig me…ever done it kitty style?

Good thing it’s not thirty dgrees outside.  Try throwing 20 tonnes of garbage and keeping this thing clean…yikes!!  Does’nt smell bad now but we’ll see…

Gotta say today was fun as hell though with all the strange looks and comments and folks cheering me on!!  Im really looking forward to winning this thing!!

The $10,000 was going to be for an engagement ring but my cheating GF changed that…Doh!  Now who knows?  Travel?  Motorcycle?  A nice car?  A REALLY good week at the nudie bar…The possibilities are endless…LOL!!

Rock n Roll London!!

FM96 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to the Gym!!




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