Cat 18: An introduction to Matt Toy

14 09 2009

My Name, Matt Toy

My Occupation, Milkman

Married, yes.. Hi Sheryl! Love You!

Favourite Bands,  Offspring, Postal Service, Billy Talent, Kings of Leon

Best Concert I’ve ever been to… Well, I have only been to a couple.  Mighty Mighty Bosstones at the Nac, and Finger 11 at the Embassy.  Out of the two, I would have to say Finger 11, although the Bosstones were throwing free beer of the stage!

Favourite Movie, as of yesterday I would have to say Nine.  Absolutely amazing!

Something interesting about me…  I am crazy about fish.  If you could see the basement…  Tanks everywhere!  Cant seem to ever have enough fishy friends!


Well, left the FM96 building this morning at 8:30 am, with fresh and clean hat on my head…  So many odd looks as I crossed the street to climb back in the milk truck, which was parked accross the street in a loading zone.  Phew, no ticket!  Driving down richmond to Masonville Mall, lots of stares from other motorists.  Guess this is what I signed up for!

So finnally home, after explaing to a Timmies full of patrons as to why I am wearing the hat, and for the past half hour, My 2 and a half year old has said nothing but “Nice Hat Dad!” but wants nothing to do with me!  I think she is scared of the hat…  hopefully she’ll warm up to it soon!  That is all for now!  Glad I shaved my head yesterday, that is for sure!

Nice Fuzzy Cat Hat

Nice Fuzzy Cat Hat




3 responses

15 09 2009

Thanks Guys and Gals! Will have to stop by and get a coffee tomorrow morning sometime! Matt The Cat # 18

15 09 2009

hey matt. we will be rooting for yah. abby loves the hat thinks it looks cute and wants to pet it. lol

good idea shaveing your head. i bet everyone else will be wishing they had done the same verry soon

14 09 2009
Barry (timmies Baker)

Hey Matt, Good luck,,, Drop By Eggerton timmies,, and don’t let the cat hat drink the milk or eat the fish in the basement!,,
Have a good one,

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