Cat #18 – Neighbors thoughts…

14 09 2009

So my neighbors just got their eyes on my hat through the window…  Of course they came running over and had to tell me what they thought.  Mike says it isn’t as bad as he thought it would be, but Paula…  “Matt, Thats Horrible!  60 Days?!?!”  Yes paula, 60 days, but look at the bright side, day 1 is almost over! 

My Job as a milkman, I leave the house at 2:00 am, 5 days a week.  hmmm, ambush team…  Can you find me driving around the city in the milk truck?  Anyhow, come 4 in the afternoon, I was pretty sleepy so I laid down on the couch.  As some of the other “Cats” have said, this hat ain’t too bad!  Fell asleep no problem, woke up a little warmer then usuall, but all and all its pretty cozy!

Open Wide!

Open Wide!


My Daughter has finally decided that she can get close to me again.  Was a little worried it was going to be weeks of nice hat, it scares me!  Anyhow, thats all for now!    Matt the Cat




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