CAT 23 – An Introduction To Heather Morrison!!!

14 09 2009


So it’s DAY ONE of the Cat In The Hat contest, and already the whispers, the finger pointing, the staring and OF COURSE the laughing has already begun at my expense!!  LOL

When I left FM96 this morning after putting my fuzzy hat on, I was only about 20 steps outta the building when a woman told me I was “Looking Good” and some man MEOW’D at me!!!  LOL

The Fed-Ex guy showed up at my house today with a birthday prezzie for me!!  It was from my 2 AWESOME friends, Kathy and Rog, who live in New Orleans!!  The Fed-Ex guy almost dropped my box cause he was laughing so hard at me!!  LOL

I was up late last night watching the MTV Video Music Awards last night and didn’t get to bed until 2 a.m. and was back up at 5 a.m. to get ready to go to Fm96…so I didn’t get alot of sleep to say the least!  LOL  I took a lil “Cat Nap” on the couch this afternoon…and I must say…this hat is actually pretty cozy!!  LOL  I felt like a lil baby all bundled up!!  LOL

Well, I’m off to see what sort of adventures I can get into this afternoon with my hat on!! 

Thanks sooooooo much to FM96 again for picking me!!!

And if ya’s haven’t already, check out my “Smelly Hat” song I wrote for the contest!!  It’s on the music player here at!!  And for the record…I don’t normally sing like that!!  LOL  I was channeling my inner “Phoebe”!!  LOL

Check ya’s later!!  XO

WOOOO HOOOO!!!  I got my hat and I'm LUVIN it!!  LOL

WOOOO HOOOO!!! I got my hat and I'm LUVIN it!! LOL




7 responses

16 09 2009

Ohhhh that is gorgeous!!



15 09 2009

Awesome look Heather! We’re all cheering you on!!!

15 09 2009

Meow….You look adorable! FABULOUS!!!

Best Wishes….. Donna X O

15 09 2009


Now i am thinkin every cool cat needs some matching accessories…. stay tuned!

You know we are so cheering for you – heck i am listening to this radio station that is “half way” across Canada from where i am… yeah nice to know the weather in London….. LOL!

Happy prowlin!

15 09 2009
Roger Casma

You are the sexiet “Cat in a Hat” I have ever seen. Remember, once you get the $10,000 you can shave your grungy head and buy a nice wig.


15 09 2009

Heather……….u are ROCKIN the hat you hot mama:):):)ROTFLMFAO!!!

Good Luck….. Lookin forward to seeing u in New Orleans!!!!



14 09 2009

You are looking soooo cute!!!

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