Cat # 37: An introduction to Kathleen

14 09 2009

Name: Kathleen Smith

Occupation: Education Coordinator, D’Arcy Lane Inc; Receptionist, King Animal Clinic (meow)

Married:  no…but my boyfriend Derek would be my first choice 😉

Favorite Band:  Sam Roberts…Neil Young is currently rocking my world 🙂

7:30am was a little too early for this Kat to make an appearance…tortuous really… 😉

The studio time this morning was fun.  I think we’re all going to have to assault Taz with our germy hats at the end of the contest  haha! 

I cycle everywhere and was cautious leaving the studio…I kept thinking the cars were going to swerve into me!  I had many looks, a lot of laughs at my expense…all good and fun.  I was honked at and a couple of ladies stopped their car and said they listen to FM96 all the time and were rooting for me. 

I am itchy already…bring on the COLD weather!!

This is going to be a long 60 days.

…yeah, also really looking forward to meeting the boyfriend’s family and friends for the first time!  Bahaha!


😉 Meow




13 responses

22 09 2009

Parents thought you were so so cute in the cat hat. So proud of you wearing that thing all weekend long and it was all good!:) Keep up the good work Kathleen!

23 09 2009
Kathleen Cat # 37


16 09 2009
sue margetts

The Cabo Wabo women will be in the air again!!!!!

14 09 2009

Can’t wait to stroke you behind the ears Kitty Kitty! LOL You are totally going to win this thing. Go get ’em Kathleen!:)

15 09 2009
Kathleen Cat # 37

Purr 😉

14 09 2009

Holy crap! The grand prize is $10,000?!?! You’d better not take that hat off, woman!

15 09 2009
Kathleen Cat # 37

No worries Adina! 🙂

14 09 2009
CAT #37

hey you! you better win big so you can take your best friend out to party!LOL
cody and I are cheering for you. Hang in there buddy!!!!

your buddy Matsa

14 09 2009
Kathleen Cat # 37

Bahaha…so you’re coming skydiving then? 🙂

15 09 2009
CAT #37

let me think about it. It would definatly be a thrill and i will probably have more grey hair then what i already have. Tell you what, if i don’t go you can at least take your best friend out for supper. LOL

14 09 2009
Ashley with the cutest Ben

Go Kathleen! Wear that hat! Work it, work it lol
DO NOT GIVE IN AND TAKE IT OFF! Think of the money! 😀

14 09 2009
Kathleen Cat # 37

Right on Ashley! Thanks little Ben 🙂

14 09 2009

you make such a cute kittie cat MEOW MEOW PURR

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