Cat# 49~First Day @ Work!

14 09 2009



My Name is Amanda Cowan lucky # 49! Remember this number b/c it’s going to end this!

Occupation: Dental Assistant

I’m soo excited that I got picked for this, I never thought I would be so lucky!

My Favortie Albums…  I really don’t have a FAVORTIE but the one with one of  my favorite songs on it is Smash by The Offspring!

The best concert I had ever been to would have to be this summer. I saw The Offspring! It was amazing.. at least what I remember!

My Favorite movie?… I’m a girl so it would have to twilight =) … and Dazed and Confused : s  and obviously The Hangover! 

My first Day went well. I was a little nervous coming into work b/c my Boss didn’t know about this hat! However, when I got there he just laughed at me =). Out of all of our patients today only 2 knew what this was about. One saw me walking down the street this morning, and the others just laughed at me. I’m so happy that our patients are cool like that.

Anyways that was a little about me, and a little about my day! I hope to see some cats walking around out there<3

XO Amanda




15 responses

1 10 2009
Grandma Brisebois

Well Munch you are getting there. Grandpa and I are purring for you

26 09 2009
Sahra Brisebois

Amanda, keep up the good work. Looks like your having a blast with this contest. You will do purrfectly fine.We think you are the cutest cat we’ve ever seen. Lots of love, and good luck!

25 09 2009
Ashley (amandas B f'in f)

AMANDA, cant wait till u win the 10g’s so u and i can go out and party like ROCK STARS! on u of course, heart u, muah…

17 09 2009
Lindsey Bergmanis

your the sexiest kitty everr!!!!!!

17 09 2009

Amanda you never cease to amaze me. Do this grandma proud, go all the way (with the hat).
Should I make an appointment with Bridgette’s vet for your yearly check up?

17 09 2009

thanks for the support grandma<3

16 09 2009

LOL! Oh Amanda this is so like you haha,
I wish you the best of luck girl! xox

17 09 2009

thanks alicia!
keep checking it out! and we have to go and do something …roho’s maybe???…lol

16 09 2009

Hey Girlfriend! I have to admit you look pretty silly in that hat! They definitely made sure it wasn’t going to be a nice looking hat,,LOL. Just watching you at work with that hat on is a show in itself! LOL. I know you can do this! So don’t let anyone or anything come in your way. Just remember me when you get that big honkin cheque! LMAO!

P.S. It’s time to change your litter box!

15 09 2009

Cutest Cat Ever! And way to have Dazed & Confused in your favourite film lineup, sick choice!

15 09 2009

Thank-you Mr. Southwick! I can’t wait for halloween til i actually fit in… Its good tho!
My goal for the month tho is to get into the kiss concert with that gorgeous hat on<3…lol
See you around!!
Keep the comments coming!

14 09 2009
Tina Smedley

LOL..Amanda,your so cute.I really hope to see you around in that hat.. you can do it Amanda….

15 09 2009

thanks anut tina! keep the comments coming to keep my going! tell everyone … even aunt nettie<3

14 09 2009

It was great to see you be such a good sport, I have small hopes you will last 60 days!lol I think you should go to the extreme and be greeter for the office! I support you 100%, way to go–I think your hair will be really nappy when this is over- we may need to send you to the groomers afterwards

15 09 2009

hahahaha you wait jen! i’m going to finish this being $10 000.00 richer =)
but thanks for the support!
you think my hair is going to be nappy? wait til you see my roots in 58 days!…

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