Cat 55 – An Introduction To Sherry M.

14 09 2009

Name: Sherry McLeod

Occupation: Social Worker at the Mens Mission

Married: No.

Favourite Albums: Anything Van Halen

Favourite Band(s): Van Halen, Alice Cooper

Best Concert I’ve Ever Been To: Van Halen

Favourite Movie(s): N/A

Something Interesting About Me: I’m pretty confident in myself that I’m going to win this! =]

Cat 55 - Sherry M.

Cat 55 - Sherry M.




2 responses

16 09 2009

I’ll get Katy to rip it off your head for me! lol
Just joking =D Hi Sherry!

14 09 2009
Laura McFadyen Brown

I dunno Sherry, you have some tought competition. Chris doesn’t think i’ll last, but the hat isn’t that bad, i’m in for the long haul too, see you in 60 at the draw.
Laura McFadyen Brown.Cat #36

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