Cat #56 – Day 1 down – To shave or not to shave??

14 09 2009

Shave my head, IN THE BATHROOM SANCTUARY OF COURSE, or just grow out my hair…tough call, going to have to decide ASAP!

It’s hot as hell in this thing when you’re outside for a while!

Paranoia is also starting to set it!!  Where are the spies??

Side note: for those wondering, the hats seem to only come in one size and certainly not meant for a person with a watermelon sized head such as myself!

The hat fits more like a Yarmulke than anything else!   It’s now the FM96 Cat in the Yarmulke contest!

Not looking forward to sleeping tonight….but Monday Night Football will certainly keep me company!    Everybody watch the Chargers game and support London’s own Vaughn Martin tonight!





One response

15 09 2009

I was wondering about showering etc.
So the bathroom is a hat free zone?
wonder how many people will be hanging out in their bathrooms by day 50

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