Cat#10: Dan Durack

14 09 2009

Day 1, so far, so good. Didn’t have to go to work. Took in a round of golf. Don’t know what was worse – sweating under this hat or my score…  

So here’s a bit about me. I’m the Event Coordinator for the Western Mustangs Athletic department. What does that mean? I run the show at all the home games.  Football, Hockey, Volleyball and Basketball are the major sports, among MANY MANY more.  Coming up October 3rd is Western’s Homecoming.  Tickets are still available:

I’m married and a father to a 14-month old.

My favorite band is The Hip…. but suddenly I’ve started preferring the Stray Cats and Cat Stevens.

Time for a cat nap. Stay tuned for Day 2 – should be interesting since my boss is not on board (yet!).

Cat Chow

Cat Chow




2 responses

8 10 2009
Mike Parker

Good Luck Dan from your friends at Western Office Supplies!
Mike and Trevor

17 09 2009

Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck kitty.

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