Cat#11….So Sweaty Already!!

14 09 2009

Hello My Name is Chris Goss Cat # 11

Well it’s been an interesting morning thus far!, the walk to my car I was gawked at several time by people passing by.. and to be honest I was asked by someone in the same building that Fm96 resides, as to why I was wearing that hat!?…anyways a little about myself.

I work at London Health Sciences Center ( Victoria Hospital)

My favourite band is Metallica.

Fave Food…well I’ll eat just about anything so ..

Fave album…Metallica the black album.

Best Concert..Edgefest the last year it was put on when OLP and the Hip played just before Smashing Pumpkins went on. 

I play hockey on Saturdays so this might get interesting wearing this hat on top of a goalie helmet!!

I’m married with Two little girls.. and the youngest of the two, her first words when seeing my hat was a protest to “take it off” not sure how you tell a 2 year old that you can’t under any circumstances!! LOL

Anyhow that’s about it for my introductory Blog… I’m sure there will be plenty to come!!





One response

14 09 2009
joe gauthier

Gosser, you go dude, its gona be a tight fight for sure with that helmet on…YOU CAN DO IT…..ALL NIGHT LONG…. WOO HOOO go goss and fm 96!

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