FM96 Cat 28 – Hello FM96 Cats

14 09 2009

Name: Amy Connors

Occupation: Law Clerk

Married: Yup – Trevor

Favourite Album(s): In Loving Memory… Big Wreck; Pyromania & Hysteria – DefLepard; Only by the Night  – Kings of Leon…

Favourite Song(s): That Song, The Oaf; Need Somebody; Sex on Fire; lots and lots of other songs… like to listen to pretty much anything and remember what I was doing or where I was when it came out.

Favourite Movie(s): We are Marshall; Remeber the Titans; The Family Stone; Friday Night Lights; Always; Uncle Buck; Dutch; most Pixar movies (the kids 🙂 )…

Keeping busy being involved with our son playing sports… football right now, but hockey starts shortly (and he is sooooo good!).  Soccer mom/coach during the spring/summer.  Can’t wait to get the littlest one in dance/gymnastics.   Enjoy camping (even if it’s in the backyard on the weekend) 4-wheeling; outdoorsy stuff; taking care of my nephew and niece.

Looking forward to spending my $10,000.00!  Kids are already starting their Xmas lists!  🙂




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