FM96 Cat #48 – Meet ME!!

14 09 2009



Hey everyone,


My Name is Kristy and I am a childcare worker and my first day as a “Cat” was fun!!!

The children were quite ok with my new head gear, as I put a similar one on my head on Friday to help ease the sensitive children into the game.

All my co-workers were very enthusiastic about the fabulousness that I call Cat #48!!  And they are already planning a crazy hat day half way through…THANKS GUYS!!!

Anyways, I hope that nobody else felt the itching powder the way I did today…because it sure was unbearable…hehehe!!!

Best of luck to the other contestants…See you on the last day






13 responses

17 09 2009
Auntie J

You’ll probably get a few supporters from ym FaceBook Family…I posted your link..I’m pretty sure that’s my friend R. Williams..xoxo A.J.

16 09 2009
Ange Billings

You Go Girl!!! Wishing You The Best Of Luck!

16 09 2009
R. Williams

Hey, no one has ever offered me a prize for wearing a crazy hat. I must be doing it wrong. Best wishes.

p.s. I want in on that open bar if you win.

16 09 2009

Do I know you????

17 09 2009
Aunty J


15 09 2009
Auntie J

Hey my niece!!
Moxy is extremely jealous…he’s been wanting a hairpiece ever since he turned 10!!
You look purrrfectly divine doll….very fancy!!
I know you’re tenacious enough to pull this off …
(well, NOT the HAT, of course… the contest!)
Open bar at your wedding? With OUR family?
Sure you don’t want to rethink that? LOL
Love you lots…WIN baby WIN!!!!

15 09 2009
What is my girlfriends name???

HEY THERE!!!! ….. Kristy

I am gonna say Goood Luck to you. Hope you make it through the 60 days without any problems….Hehehe. # 48 just might do some good this time cause it is not on a track,This 48 i can see staying on track though.

Good Luck Kristy

You know who……

15 09 2009

Kool Kat Kristy! That hat looks might fine my friend…you’ve got this one in the bag!!! Maybe don’t get too close to Rocky with that thing on though- he may attempt some creepy cat moves I feel….so, ok, good luck lovely!!!

15 09 2009

Glad to hear you had a great first day! You can win this!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to the fair tomorrow!

15 09 2009

Thank you so much Melissa!!! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be doing this….you truly are an amazing friend!!! BIIIIIG HUGS!!!

15 09 2009
Jodi Brighton

Way To Go Kristy!!! Good Luck girl, I know you will be the cat of all cats!!!

15 09 2009

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

15 09 2009


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