FM96 Cat #8 — It’s me… I’m not going away.

14 09 2009

This is my introduction post.

I’m not allowed to post anything innappropriate or offensive so this will probably be quite a boring post…. fear  not though, I will still manage to make this contest as entertaining for you as it will be for me.

My name’s Jake.

Alias J.Grimbrother

One real dirty birdy, I tell ya. I got myself into a few troublesome situations in my time, so this contest is nothing to me. Those cool dudes at FM96 might as well give me the big fat cheque right now.

My occupation? I guess I’ll start with my job.

I am the coolest cat at B/Back Pawnbrokers on Southdale. In case you didn’t know, B/Back is London’s home of fast cash loans and great deals. We pay top dollar for gold, whether its broken or old or WHATEVER ! If it’s gold, its cash in your hands… also check out the great deals we got too.. right now we’re selling DVD movies 4 for $10, and we’ve got brand new LCD tvs, electronics, instruments, and tons more…
Aside from that,  I’m also head honcho for GRIMBROTHERS Entertainment, a London-based video and digital film production and promotions company which has been corrupting the underground movie scene since 2004. I’ve made a feature film and am working on another, as well as a HUGE DVD for local Rockaholics BOBNOXIOUS. This year so far has been a doozy, and it ain’t over yet.

The GRIMBROS. are also part of the notoriously filthy and lurid VAGRANCY FILMS, Canada’s original Grindhouse revival company. Every month the bros. and the Vagrants cram the Rainbow Cinemas full of vagabonds and lunatics for a midnight screening of the craziest 35mm madness around.

Actually, this Saturday night marks Vagrancy’s FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY and we’re kicking it off with a HUGE GRINDHOUSE TRIPLE BILL !!

Thats right! 3 movies for the price of one!

First flick is actually Vol. 1 of the new film yours truly has been working on. Prepare yourself for TALES FROM THE P***Y POUND : The Sparkling Girl Stealers !! The madcap romp of ROCCO and his army of goons. Definately not for kids, this is a real throwback to the old drive in stuff that your parents were ashamed of watching.

Second hot hit is the classic 80’s revenge flick SAVAGE STREETS starring the Exorcist’s LINDA BLAIR and let me tell you, if you haven’t seen this movie you can’t truly understand the 80’s and the significance of neon eyeshadow.

Third film, if you survive, is the one that will do you in… the master of italian gore LUCIO FULCI brings his masterpiece to the big screen once again with THE BEYOND.. the zombie massacre that did in a packed London audience 4 years ago and ushered in the era of the loud, out of control Vagrancy shows that continue to this day…

Tickets are available at City Lights Books and Grooves for $10, at the door its $15 so if you want to go get your tickets today…. or mention to the guy taking the money that the Cat in the Hat told you to get in for $10 and he’ll throw you the discount…

Again , Grindhouse Triple Bill this Saturday Aug 19 11pm @ Rainbow Cinemas in Citiplaza…

Now, onto the real me… wait, that is the real me… but I also should mention that I have a normal life as well… A lovely wife and two crazy but cool sons. My youngest little dude was born Sept 2, so he’s still fresh and doesn’t care about the hat… but my older one is almost 3 and wants to look like the big bad wolf just like his Dad… I told him its a cat hat but he don’t listen. I’ll let him wear in in a couple months…..

… thats it for now, I’ve got more to share but I’ll let it ride till later.

/jake out.




3 responses

14 09 2009

Those cats might as well give you the prize right now and save everyone the trouble –

14 09 2009

You are SO gonna win this.

14 09 2009

…i think you are awesome…go jake go!!!

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