Jodenna Cambria Cat #1

15 09 2009

Hey there……so just a little about me.  I’m currently a student at Western (Kings) and between jobs at the moment.  I have a feeling it’s gonna be somewhat difficult going to interviews but it’s all worth it!  So far no one on campus has said anything, they just look at me kind of funny and keep on walking.  My profs kinda do a double take and go on with the lecture.  It’s kind of like they expect to see weird things in the classroom….lika a “to each their own” type deal.  Anyway, this is turning out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be which is good.  I also don’t have to worry about doing my hair in the morning which is even better!!! 

Ummm, fav band has got to be STP.  Saw them at Bayfest this summer for the second time and it was awesome!!! Can’t wait for their new album!  Fav concert was definately Kid Rock, Bayfest about 5 years ago.  I mostly just spend time with friends hanging out on the porch having a few drinks and enjoying the weather.  Other than that not much going on.  I know, boring right….lol.  The next 59 ndays are going to be interesting no doubt but I’m looking forward ot every second of it!  Pictures to come soon.  As for now, good luck to everyone and I can’t wait to see other Cats around the city!!


Take care!





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