Cat #13: day one done

15 09 2009

This is much harder than I thought.  The hat is fine but the looks that you get definitely take some getting used to.  I did some shopping in London so I could get used to the looks before I returned to Tillsonburg where I was greeted by supportive neighbours and friends who had to come take a look.  I then did the ‘dreaded’ pick up of my daughter from school.  She had trouble picking me out from all the other normal looking parents.  I then was off to work to give massages while showing off my new lid.  So far everyone thinks this is a riot and is giving lots of support.

I am finding it very hard not to walk around without a stupid grin on my face.  I just think about what it is I am doing and how ridiculous I look and I just can’t help but laugh.

I haven’t tried going for a run with the hat on yet but I will be out there tomorrow morning (hopefully before too many people are out and about to see me).  Lets see how this hat handles a little sweat.




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