Cat #18 – Scaring the Mall Walkers

15 09 2009

So, delivering milk to masonville mall, walking through the food court, all the “Mall Walkers”, staring, whispering to one another and even some pointing and laughing.  you know the type…  you just know they don’t listen to Fm96…

On the other side of the mall, walking to Second Cup, the Mall walkers would see me comming, and acctually crossed the hall to the other side!  Just to avoid me???  And I am not sure some of the “Customers” I deliver to like my hat very much…  Comments like, “What is that… thing..   on your head?”, and “Sorry, you have to wear that for how long?”

On a positive note, the guys at the depot are all for it!  Think they just like laughing at me more then anything else.  And at one of the Timmies I deliver to, one girl said “Nice, I do know someone with a hat!” 

Well, I guess that is a good sign, some people know what the heck is going on!  Thats all for now!  Matt




One response

16 09 2009

No big deal!! I just wanted to play!! Hope we can still be friends. 🙂

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