CAT #23 – I’M IN IT TO WIN IT!!!

15 09 2009
I've got my claws out!!!  LOL

I've got my claws out!!! LOL

Well, it’s DAY 2 of The Cat in the Hat contest…and I’m feelin GREAT!!!

I’m in it to win it people…WATCH OUT!!!  LOL

So today was REALLY fun!!!  I had a few errands to run this afternoon…and I thought to myself, if I’m goin out…I’m goin out all the way!!!  So I purposely walked past one of the highschools as the kids were getting out for the day!!  I figured if I could walk past a few hundred teenagers…I can go ANYWHERE!!!  LOL

But actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be!!  Most of the kids laughed, but they also shouted “Good Luck” to me!!  LOL

So next it was a stop at the bank for me where I accidently scared this lil old lady that was walkin out as I was walkin in!!  LOL I tried to explain the contest to her, but she looked a lil confused!!  LOL

Then it was to the grocery store where a small crowd gathered around me and questions were comin at me left and right!!  LOL  I felt like a celebrity sorta!!  LOL

I had a few cars drive by me and people shouting”Way to go” out their windows…and LOTS of horn honking!!  LOL

Tomorrow is my first day of wearing the hat to work…this outta be fun!!  LOL  I know my coworkers are excited to see me…but hopefully I won’t have to put up with their laughing ALL day!!  LOL

BTW…was anyone else ITCHY ITCHY ITCHY today with the hot weather?!!  LOL  I think besides the itchiness, the only other concern I had was worrying about accidently choking myself in my sleep with the chinstrap!!  LOL  OH…and that plastic I.D. tag…yeah that dug into my head while I was tryin to sleep last night…NOT FUN!!!  LOL

Anyone quit yet?  Ya might as well…CAUSE I’M GONNA WIN!!!!!!!!!!

Later Peeps!!!




14 responses

19 09 2009
Chi Kat

Oh, Heatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…where are you, chica? Did you pass out from being too hot under that furball on your head?!

Where’s the update?! What’s goin’ AWN?! Let us know, ‘kay?!


18 09 2009

Where are ya KITTY:)

Lemme know when ya get home:)

I want to chat if ya can:)


17 09 2009

Hey hey miss kitty,

Hope work is going well!

3 down and 56 left to go! Just keep yer smelly hat on girlie and uhm if you are “relating” well – let ‘im to pet yer.. HAT!!!

17 09 2009

You are the CAT’S MEOW in that hat, LOL!!!

Way to ROCK the Hat!!!

Resistance is futile, peeps, LOL!!! Heather is SOOOOO going to win this thing!!! LOL!!!


16 09 2009

You are looking so PUUURRRRRRTTYYY!!!

I’ll have to send you one of those nifty little back scratchers that you can use for your head!!! LOL

Stay strong and just keep thinking about the end and one big ol’ Mardis Gras party!

p.s. is it wrong that I want you to curl up in my lap so I can pet your head!!! LMAO 😉

16 09 2009

Heather, you are looking very very fetching in that hat! I believe that you will have loads of new admirers before this is over!

I hope your day at work goes well! Good luck with the itchiness!!!

16 09 2009
heather mc

hey hey hatro!

a little cat in the hat trivia for you this morning:

the cat in the hat appeared in the family guy episode “dammit janet!” when the cat offers to clean up young peter griffin’s house, peter tells him to leave the mess as he wants to see the look on his parents’ faces when they get home.

heather mc

16 09 2009

Go Hatro!! I’m with ya all the way!
Get thoughs claws ready cos ya gonna win girl!
Great pic!


16 09 2009

Heather… I dreamed I was being Strangled by Ewoks last night.. >_< So I've decided with my crazy hat I shall be and ewok for Halloween. And my head was quite itchy indeed..

16 09 2009

HeE hEe HeE!

It’s more like a whole-of-head cap isn’t it?

Well I think it looks very fetching….. can’t imagine what it’s gunna look like when ya win! LOL



16 09 2009
Chicago Kat

OMG, Heather! You are making me so, so proud to say I knew you when, as I hear about you rawkin’ this contest. I truly believe you WILL win. There is no doubt in my mind. Can’t wait to hear about your New Orleans adventures after all is said and done…

A little poem, in honor of you…

Heather, Hatro, Miss Cat in the Hat
You will certainly win
I have no doubt of that.
Others may come, others may go
But your hat will smell the worst…
This I surely know.
Some will itch and some will scratch
But Heather will win the prize
And represent for us…in this here Patch!

16 09 2009
Roger Casma

Ok Heather, so I thought of a plan to help ya win the 10 G’s. Invite everybody to a swimming party, get them rip roaring drunk and dare them to jump in the pool with the hat on. Once the hat gets wet, it will begin to itch and then mildew and eventually smell so bad that they will have to take it off. That’s pretty devious isn’t it?


Oh btw make sure YOU don’t jump in the water! LOL

16 09 2009



Heather……you go girl!!!!:)…I am SO PROUD of ya ..and DAM…u are SEXY SEXY in that hat!!!

I cant wait to hear of any “RELATIONS” during this hat period!!!ROTFLMFAO!!! I am soooo bad!!!

Mardi Gras In New Orleans!!!! See ya there:)

Do ya get to keep it!!!?? BRING IT!!!! We could have fun with it!!!!!:):)


16 09 2009
Heather Morrison

Kathy and Rog…You 2 are the BEST!!! OMG…your comments just crack me up!!! I love you both sooooo much!!! SOON we will be together!!!! XOXO

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