Cat 40 give up People! lol

15 09 2009

Steve Cat in the Hat 028I will be going the distance with this so you should all quit now so I can collect my cash! No itch will stop me but I have been doing plenty of scratching! The first nights sleep was not the best I must admit  my ears are a little sore and the head was pretty hot.

Still putting smiles on peoples faces as well as hearing alot of laughs as well! Thought I was getting my first ambush today as a few people were watching me at work for a half hour and they gave me the feeling it as going to be the first one. But they left so they have must have liked watching a cat in the hat!

Looking forward to what day 3 brings!!! Steve Cat 40




2 responses

17 09 2009

If anyone can do this you can Steve ! Our money’s on you – think of it like “Survivor” – Outwit, Outplay, Outlast!!! Love you, Mom.

16 09 2009

Hey < It would be great to see you win. But, you be careful and watch out for those rink rats….LOL

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