Cat #46: An introduction to Kathleen Kunkel

15 09 2009

Name: Kathleen Kunkel

Nickname: Kat

Age: 23

Occupation: Veterinary Technician, but working as an animal care attendant at the London Humane Society!

Married: No, but taken yes.

Fav. Movie: Harry Potter movies.

Fav. Type of Music: hmm.. a little bit of everything (rock, alternative rock, dance, some country and some rap).

Pets: I have one cat named Gonedy, one fish named Fishey and one dog named Andy.

Siblings: I have one younger sister named Heather.

Something Interesting About Me: hmm lets see, I can make pig noises really well and I’m not embarrassed easily, so this contest will be easy for me.

Last Big Concert: The last big concert I’ve been at was the SARS Concert in Toronto. But I’ve been to smaller ones since.

I consider myself someone who is easy going and always likes to have a good time no matter what I’m doing and my friends would say I’m always good for a laugh, cause I always do something silly. 😛

When I got the phone call for the cat in the hat contest on Thursday Sept. 10th I was soo excited, I had to call like everyone and I couldn’t stop freaking out. I want to go everywhere and anywhere in my hat. I’m even willing to dress up my hat with a cat tail or a bow for my ear on my hat. So you guys can expect to see me out at the mall, gym and even the bars in my hat.

Good Luck Cats In The Hats, and I’ll cya in the final draw in 60 days!



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