Cat 47: Sooo much starring!

15 09 2009

It was very awkward leaving the Fm96  buliding this morning i felt like i had commited a crime because of the glaring but it got better throughout the day. I went to a class today in the afternoon, it was the first day, the teacher had a hard time looking at me with this hat on but at least he didnt point when he laughed.  When i got home this morning my dogs were a little nervous, i have two of them, when i went to pet one of them he ran away and wouldn’t trust me for a while.


Name : Dave

Occupation:  Team Leader at a factory

Married?: Not Yet, but have the love of my life

Favorite Album: Only by the night

Favorite Band: Kings of Leon

Best Concert: Billy Talent

Favorite Movie: Old School




One response

15 09 2009

Wow… I work with Dave. Just browsing contestants… as my sister is also a cat in the hat participant. (Sherry McLeod)

I can hardly wait to see how Dave fits his hat under a hair net….lol

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