Cat 51 – Checkin in, Also spelling mistake in my name :s

15 09 2009

Hello all,

First post here and my name is actually Shawn Gelencher NOT Gelecher.

Day 1 was fantastic, goin to fanshawe is a blast wearing this hat. Last night I went to the western fair and took a ton of pics (which Im still waiting to get from my friends phone, but dont worry they’ll go up eventually) Meeting some great people already, only downside is having to explain the contest to almost every person that comes up to me lol.

Today I saw someone else wearing the hat for the first time since the meeting. Didnt catch his name but a high five in the hall ways of fanshawe was good enough. Were gonna have to hit up the outback shack at some point if there are any more cats at fanshawe!




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