Cat 7 – Mike Emery’s Auto-Catography

15 09 2009


My name is Mike Emery, born and raised in Glencoe, Ontario. Living in London now and married to my wife Heather for 4 years, all have been happy…lol!

I been working for Air Canada Jazz for 8 years, as an aircraft engineer at the London airport.

Best band ever…..Tragically Hip!!!

The first day went well. The hat is a bit hot but tolerable. I ventured to Argyle Mall and had a little old lady ask “What’s wrong with kids these days?”. How old is she to think I’m a kid? Anyways, I’m pretty sure the girl working at Staples thought I was a pedophile or something, she seemed terrified, more of a FRESH FM listener I think. Lots of horn honking and good luck wishes from the passer bys.

Day 1 down, 59 to go….





2 responses

16 09 2009
derek morris

nice.. classic…..good luck man….the juice is worth the squeeze on this one man! 😉

15 09 2009
Adam Dowling

The girl at Staples was right on the money with the pedophile comment!!

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