Cat#9- Catptains Log Star Date 091409.01

15 09 2009

I rolled out of bed this morning dreaming about getting ready to unite with my soon to be constant fury companion. Lucky for me a friend agreed to give me a ride down town or else I would have been UBER late!

SO now like 58 other people I have this KAH-RAY-ZEE and FUGLY hat. Being an employee at a Retail Beer store I work in a cooler all day! This morning I received a lot of questions such as, ” Is it that cold in here you have to wear a hat?” the best comment I think I received was ” Aren’t you just as cute as a button with your fuzzy hat, it must really cold back there!”

After work I walked over to a friends house where I got honked at 3 times… someone also pointed a yelled.. “OH LOOK IT’S THE CAT IN THE HAT, HAT ON THAT GIRL”….I thought to myself.. “It sure is and i’m dead seksi!” haha

I then proceeded to Molly Blooms for cheap wings where I got many stares and some questions about the hat. I think my favourite part of this whole thing is my random meowing for no reason that i usually do fits in quite perfectly with wearing the hat!

My name is Stormie and I work at the Beer Store, I’m cat #9 and I so want to win this!




2 responses

16 09 2009

Thanx Manda Panda! ❤

16 09 2009

im rootin for ya storms! XOXOX

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