FM96 Cat # 2 Cole Stewart

15 09 2009


What to say?

Married to an incredible woman, father of three beautiful princesses, and master of one dog.  OK, maybe he’s in charge, but I try my best to have some control .  

I work at London Hydro, as a Sustation Techician.  Been there for twenty years.

My Favourite Bands are Van Halen, Tragically Hip, and the Foo Fighters.

How did my first day go, you ask?

Well, where do I start.  Obviously everybody was interested in the hat.  Reaction went from “How do you wear that thing?”, to “You look like John Candy in Space Balls the Movie.”

After that comment, my nickname became  “Barf”.

My day ended by taking my daughter to Basketball camp, and parents asking her if her dad was “OK”.  Perfect ending…………………………………….

Fifty-nine to go!




10 responses

21 10 2009
cat 20

So how did you get eliminated Mr. Stewart?

17 09 2009
Cat #6 Karen

Hey Cole…..I work at the fitness centre at Fanshawe and some guys from your baseball team were in to play squash and they were talkin’ smack about you saying you won’t make it!! Haha kidding….they tried to get me to take my hat off!

16 09 2009

pigtails look cute

16 09 2009

Hey Cole, My name is Stormie Choi ^^ Not Stormie Twat.. >_< ahaha oh my

16 09 2009

That’s good because you were scaring me


16 09 2009

That’s Good because you were scaring me

16 09 2009

Are you going to see a gynecologist about that thing?

15 09 2009

Way to go Cole! I can hardly wait to see what is growing under there at the end of this. Be strong, colder weather is coming!

15 09 2009
Mary McCready

Tanya is one lucky girl.
Just wait till the first time it rains. I hear “wet cat” smells even worse than “wet dog”!

15 09 2009
Mark Wendling

Were any cats hurt in the creation of the hat?

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