FM96 Cat 30 – Day 1

15 09 2009

Well made it through the first day at work.  Don’t know wo was laughing more, my co-workers or me?  But hey alls fun.  The best part was this morning when I took my son to school and he started pointing me out to all of his friends.  “Look at my dad, he’s the crazy one with the hat” 

Favourite Bands are AC/DC, Metallica, Ozzy, Edguy, Offspring, and Nail.

Best Concert I’ve been to is the Metallica Sanatarium Tour in Toronto.  Second was Sars Fest @ Downsview (Got stuck at the back there).




2 responses

28 09 2009

Hey Jason!

You can do it! Keep that hat on, and win lots of money!

The hat looks good on you! :0) I’m rooting for you!

20 09 2009

HEHE thats awesome… are we gonna see some pics up around work???

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