Steve Cat 40 Day 1 is Done 59 to Go!

15 09 2009

Day 1 is in the bag! I didnt really know what to expect but everything turned out great…. From the Fm 96 studios the drive home was very interesting… I do belive I woke a few people up from the double takes they had looking at me! From there my first day at work with the hat couldnt have been better… of course the stares and the second glances but the smiles and laughter that it gave people with me wearing this hat was priceless…. I do belive I made asome peoples day!

The gym was interesting from being called a creature from the forest to a guy wondering wear he could buy the hat as it looked so sweet the response was great!

Not that it was all great though as one lady said I had a bad haircut and that I should cover it up with a HAT! lol

SO I think I am used to the hat and it is only Day 1! A little itchy but nothing a scratch cant cure.

Looking forward to day 2! Steve Cat 40




One response

18 09 2009
Robert & Denisa

way to go Steve!!! I hope you win…we’d love to celebrate with you and spend the money, of course!!! Don’t forget to wear the hat on your wedding day, that would really make your wedding unique and unforgettable for everyone! Please don’t scare our Snowy!! Good luck!

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