A Litter Box just for Cat48

16 09 2009

So, I go to work this morning, thinking, just another day in the life of a cat….

Come to find out, that my amazing co-workers sure know how to keep a cat feeling content….I went into the washroom for a routine visit, only to find that someone had set up a litterbox (with plasticine poop) for yours truly!!  I nearly peed right there on the bathroom floor.  I hope I am not the one responsible for scooping it, afterall, I was just the innocent cat in this situation. 🙂

BUT, thats not all they did.

Our cook brought us our lunch, and on her tray was a can of  Purina Friskies cat food, accompanied by my very on cat bowl to eat from!!  HILARIOUS!!!

If my co-workers keep this stuff up, I may just have to leave this on LONGER then the scheduled 60 days.  It seems to have everyone happy and ready to play with the cute little kitty. MEOOOOW!!!!



My own litterbox complete with poop!!! :)

My own litterbox complete with poop!!! 🙂




3 responses

23 09 2009

That picture is going to shown at your wedding…especially if you win!!!!!

17 09 2009

Your hat makes me giggle everyday. Good luck!!

16 09 2009

lol…to funny!!

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