Cat 30 Day 2 done and still going strong…

16 09 2009

The downside to this hat is that sleeping has now become a chore, it keeps shifting as you roll around and becomes extremely irritating, but otherwise it’s not too bad.  The shadows you cast look interesting and the looks from other people are amusing enough to make me want to wear the hat but people should keep their eyes on the road while driving please, try to avert your eyes and drive SAFE 🙂

I do however have a wedding to go to this weekend so I’ll have to post some pics for you and let you know how that goes….does anyone know where I could find a mini top hat to go over one of the ears??

My girlfriend doesn’t seem to be able to look at me with a straight face now and she can’t quite take me seriously and my son doesn’t want to even touch the hat because he’s afraid of what it might feel like considering how it looks but atleast he’s not pionting me out to his friends anymore.

Well off I go to hopefully a more restful sleep than last night




2 responses

18 09 2009

Yay I found you a hat hunny, lol. The wedding should be interesting to say the least 🙂

16 09 2009

Mini top hat-can be found in womens clothing stores (I am pretty sure I saw some in Le Chateau! Have fun doing that trip out! You might need to trim whatever little accents that might be attached to it.
Your Fellow Feline
Cat 33

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