Cat 34: This is the cutest hat ever!!

16 09 2009

Name: Alyshia Kiczma

Day 1

Occupation: Manager at the Wave/Spoke at UWO!

Married: no

Favourite Album(s): You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine- Death from Above 1979, Skin and Bones- Foo Fighters, Down with Webster- S/t, Oddessy and Oracle- The Zombies

Favourite Band(s): silverchair, Daft Punk, Down with Webster, Foo Fighters

Best Concert I’ve ever Been to: Lollapalooza in Chicago!!!

Favourite Movie: Wayne’s World

Highlights of being a Cat so far:

Today at Tim Horton’s some kids asked if they could touch my hat.

At work, most customers just pretend I’m not wearing this awesome/ridiculous hat. Its wicked.

A bunch of stares and a few “Nice hat!” comments and such but nothing ridiculous yet. I’ll keep you updated!!

Tomorrow is the Grand opening of the totally revamped Spoke at UWO… completely licensed complete with a partio!! Wait did I mean to put an ‘r’ in patio? Yes! See you for Rick McGhie at the Spoke tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to get my drink on in this hat 🙂

I’ll leave you with my feelings on wearing the hat with a quote from Garth Algar:

“It’s like a new pair of underwear. At first, it’s constrictive. But after awhile.. it becomes a part of you. I gotta go”



4 responses

16 09 2009

THIS is why I love you. Rock on Aly! Good luck!

16 09 2009

Way to go Alyshia, loved the plug for the Spoke and the Wayne’s World quote. I’ll probably run in to you more often at the Spoke now that I’ll practically be living there. Good luck!

P.S. I want to touch your hat, too.

16 09 2009

Good luck Alyshia!!! ❤

16 09 2009

cutest cat ever!

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