Cat 52: day 2 almost done!!

16 09 2009

cinth2 Day 2

Well I almost wiped out a roller blader that turned around to take a second look and almost ran into an oncoming bicyclist! …that made my day….I also heard an elderly couple conversing over my stylish hat. The man said “whats wrong with these kids now-a-days”. The woman said “Shh he’s probably one of the slow kids from the aquatic centre”….wow!

P.S, I saw another Cat in the hatter in a car with her friend at Sherwood Forest Mall…Props!, whatever # u were, didnt get a close enough look.




2 responses

17 09 2009

Hey Kirk…that was me! Cat #1! You are the first and only other cat I’ve seen around. Hope you’re having as much fun with this as I am! See you at the finish line…lol!

16 09 2009
your gf's sister

ooohhh… you make me laugh…

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