Cat # 8 — more scruff and scruffy duffy doo~

16 09 2009

Day 3 and I think we can all agree this is enough… lets all take the hats off now. You first, of course.

Everyone keeps posting about how awkward and strange it is to wear it but I don’t seem to get any second looks… maybe I’m used to people looking at me like I’m weird cause I am weird and I just don’t notice it.

Last night I laid down some more audio for my movie (playing @ 11pm Rainbow Cinemas this Saturday nite) and I got a fear in me that it won’t get done in time… Nobody tell the producer but its really gonna come down to the wire.

Anyways more about me … for music, I listen to pretty much anything… thats a generally overused statement but I am seriously a fan of music from all genres, though the music can get quite particular. My ipod shuffles all and any genre imaginable … my playlist can go from ICP to Iced Earth then to Rolling Stones, then to 1970s German pop music and so on. I have been on a crazy vinyl kick as of late too… but I tend to stick to bizarre finds from Goodwill as opposed to anything one considers “good”.  Right now my favorite records would have to be the Hammond Pops series by Klaus Wunderlich. Total wacko rocking good times. If you have no conventions, and are part of the “mature audiences”, check out a podcast I do with Vagrancy Films called SHORTWAVE VAGRANCY which I will post a link to in the future. Or google it if you wanna…

Movies…. don’t get me started. I’ve got THOUSANDS of movies, piled up in my cave… er.. basement and I love em all. Again, I consume the media in large gobbles, though my ultimate preference stemming back from my childhood would have to be Exploitation and Horror films. I grew up on Charles Band, Lloyd Kaufman, and Roger Corman movies and I collected VHS like hockey cards. ( Side note I also collected fishing lures, but never fished or liked to fish ) So to say favorite movie, I’d have to write a book. And I’m starting to right here so I’ll move on.

Someone posted a video of me on Youtube recently. In this video I’m on a filmmakers panel in Toronto called “Kings of Lowbrow” and I got added to the lineup last minute to flesh it out… but I have one movie and a couple shorts under my belt so I look a little green and the moderator doesn’t even know who I am so its embarassing and funny at the same time. Again, search it out on youtube if you wanna.

I thought maybe rather than tell a bunch of ridiculous and funny stories about myself I’d open it up for anyone to comment on anything they feel like telling the world about me. Keep it clean, kids. But yeah, post your funny or weird stories about me at the bottom of this blog.

/jake out




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27 09 2009
Oscar Duke

We partied in Toronto once. We trade 1993-1994 season Upper Deck hockey cards.

22 09 2009

Jake has an unnatural relationship with my brother…

16 09 2009
Sunflower Skins

May 2008: Vagrancy Films presentation of Dario Argento’s “Profondo Rosso.” Jake arrives bright eyed and alert, hassles the crowd, makes fun of me (a total stranger), and threatens to kick out audience members for not being obnoxious enough. About halfway through the film, the reel breaks. While the theatre is vigorously trying to fix it, Jake stumbles down the aisle, doing the drunk-walk, muttering, “What happens at Vagrancy… stays at Vagrancy.” Later, as I’m waiting for a cab, I see him get on his bike to weave his way home. Very. Slowly.

By the way, one of the most genuine, interesting, and funny people I have ever met.

16 09 2009

Once upon a time, Jake yelled at me for taking his picture, so I thought he didn’t like me, so I kept taking his picture. Now I have lots of pictures of Jake and there is nothing he can do about it.

Jake likes to make meat filled with more meat, with meat as seasoning. It is surprisingly tasty (if you like meat). This goes really well with a lot of fire and explosions (as most things do).

16 09 2009

ITS TRUE!!! Love that movie, just bought the Tromasterpiece 2 Disc Special Edition…

Keep them comments comin!

16 09 2009

Jake makes a mean bacon explosion, and inexplicably spoils my boyfriend with his tremendous deals at B/Back Pawnbrokers. Most generous guy I have ever met.

16 09 2009

Jake genuinely enjoys the film “Redneck Zombies”

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