Cat#36 The Ewok of London Life

16 09 2009

So I went to Timmies, and there was a police officer a head of me in line. Not one person there gave me a second look, or commented. Finally a place where the hat is normal…my Weight Watcher meeting in 10mins should be interesting though. I wonder how much the hat weighs and will i affect my weigh in. now matter, the box of cookies i ate yesterday will be the biggest prob…lol…JUST KIDDING…That was just the best dream ever…




2 responses

17 09 2009

Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Cat #36 Rocks … Best of luck Laura! Watching you parade around at work and at play everyday in your cute FM96 fur hat puts a smile on everyones face! Hang in there little kitty … your PABC Crew is all rootin’ for ya tiger!

17 09 2009

Thanks metroman!

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