Fm96 Cat 47: Dog gone it on day 2

16 09 2009

I went to work last night for the first shift with my new hat on, it was..interesting. A little bit of teasing but most knew what it was for already so they weren’t too hard on me. Today brought quite a bit of excitement because I have 2 dogs and no fence in my backyard instead I use a wireless collar fence, However today the battery died on one of my dogs collars so when I went to check on my dogs after being out for 15 minutes I couln’t find on of them!!!.  So right away I grabbed the other dog and put him inside and started running down the street looking for him. I got a few interesting looks running down the street in my slippers and my hat on yelling my dogs name fortunately it didn’t take long to find my dog,there was somebody walking through a catwalk and saw my dog so they grabbed him and  started to see where he had come from I thanked the person ( didn’t get their name though)  but that person is my hero today. I guess I can’t trust these collars too much. Anyways, I am glad to have my dog back! it was quite the scare.




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