Start of Day 3….

16 09 2009

Well the last two days have been a varied mix of reactions, the nurses at my work give me a mild look of disgust and one actually was concerned that if i didn’t take it off i’d have to worry about hair loss!?!? After taking my daughter to school I thought I’d take the little one to the park after we grabbed a coffee for me and some timbis for her. As I was pulling out I was being honked by another Cat which was funny because it’s the first time I have come across someone since we all got our hats. People seem to be becoming more familiar with the contest, becuase outside of my place of work the response is much of a positive one! I also noticed on my calendar I have a Dr’s appt next week for a surgery date, that should be interesting going into his office.. I think I’m going to get a pic with the Surgeon and post it up .. LOL.. anyways till tomorrow…Long live the Cat hat!!




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