Cat #21 on the third day.

17 09 2009

I was on the radio again today =] Chris MCleod gave me a call today around 12:30pm. I’m always so nervous.. I stammer and talk too fast. >.< I imagine I sound like I’m 13 as well. Anyways, it was funny.

So today I went for a walk with my seestar. I was surprised that not a whole lot of people were staring or giving me looks.. but I guess not everyone pays attention to people on the sidewalk while they’re driving. I was a little upset that I wasn’t causing a scene, so we went to the grocery store to buy a pack of gum, a Twix bar and Lime Gaterade lol (I only had $7). I got some looks and stares, but it wasn’t until I was making my purchase that 4 cashiers came at me asking me questions. It was funny =] They told me about another gentleman cat who came in earlier with his hat on, but they thought he was just crazy LOL.

I will be attending this unofficial cat meeting at Moxie’s tomorrow. I’ll be bringing my hubby and my camera and strapping my hat on nice and tight. The real challenge will be this weekend. I will be at Downtown Kathy Browns and The Honest Lawyer on Saturday night taking pictures for London Social. So if you happen to be there and you spot me, come say hi! I’ll take your picture 😀 As long as you leave my hat alone!




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