Cat #29! KAT in Torontooooo

17 09 2009

By far the most hilarious day in my hat was yesterday.  I went to Toronto for a UWO alumni networking conference.  Wearing the hat in front of 50 young professionals would be mildly entertaining.  However, the comments that I got from people on the streets of  T.O. were ridiculous.  People at the T.I.F.F (Toronto International Film Festival) thought i was insane, people on the subway laughed and one inebriated Torontonian  by the CN tower tried to trade hats with me (Amen for the chin strap or I think he may have taken my hat!).

Pictures of my trip to T.O.!!!!!




One response

18 09 2009
Janna Dunn

I accompanied Kayte to Toronto and let me agree that it was the most entertaining trip to the city I have ever experienced in my life! “Love it! I juuust love it..the hat really brings out your eyes”! hahah GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KAYTE!!

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