Cat 40 Steve Day 4

17 09 2009

So far so great! Everything is going well and the response continues to be amazing as well as weird at times. Doctors appointments went over well. I meet some coworkers of another cat at LHSC and they had some good fun in trying to convince me to take off my hat! Not going to happen ladies right now only after I collect the cash! haha

I must give a HUGE Thanks to my wife to be Trudy who without her support I am not sure I could be doing this. I love you sweetheart and yes you can use the hat for Halloween 2010! AS I will be using it for 2009! lol

Working Out the Hat!
Working Out the Hat!

Steve Cat in the Hat 004




One response

17 09 2009

Steve, you are my inspiration, my love, and my rock!
From Coast-to-Coast, we have been getting cheers of support for you, whoops and hollaring from the crazy “British cousins”, families and friends in UK, Holland, and yes, Jamaica too!
Keep on living life to the fullest……………… have a strong team of support cheering you on!

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