Cat #44 Day #3 DAMM Wozniewski!!

17 09 2009

It’s only day 3 and already the girlfriend is chasing me around the house with the Febreze bottle saying my hat “stinks”…lol…can you imagine when day 30 rolls around and the hat is really nice and ripe…I’ll be living in the back yard in my daughters play house. Have to re-name it the Cat house! Came to a four way stop today and a little girl was waiting to cross the street. I waved for her to cross and she was just starring at me?? I waved again and she took off running the other way down the street…oops!! I do apologize to the little girl and hopefully this cat didn’t scare her to much!? Mental note, I might avoid driving near school area’s for the next 56 days…lol






One response

17 09 2009

Damn!!!!! Cat #44 you make that hat look soooooo…… Good!!!! Do you want to come to my place and share a bowl of cat nip? Go hottie hat 44!!!

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