Cat 7 – Shocked into Day 4

17 09 2009

Morning Cats,

I’m usually out of the house by this time in the morning on my way to work….but today I’m going to leave a few minutes later.

As I’m making my breakfast my cats, McLovin and Pixie, are usually doing their best to try and trip me as I walk around the kithchen but not today. I find them both perched at the front window growling at the bushes. Not putting this past, oh, let’s say Taz, I get thinking maybe I’m about to be ambushed by someone hiding in my bushes. Wouldn’t it be fun to ambush, the ambush team? So, I go out the back door and sneak around the house and to my surprise I’m starring face to face with a skunk!!!!!! About 15ft away looking me in the eyes, with his tail down thank god. I krept back inside and here I am….

I’m not sure if he’ll be leaving anytime soon it seemed as though he was quite fond of my furry cat appearance. Reminds me of the Bugs Bunny and Tweety show where Pepe Le Pew has the attraction to the black cat that gets the  white paint spilled down her back.

If you’re in the Exmouth Circle area, keep your eyes peeled! Any ideas how to get rid of this little guy, this isn’t the first time we’ve met.

See you all at Moxies tonight,


My Ride

My Ride




3 responses

17 09 2009

Ok, so who put the carrots on my front steps?

17 09 2009

The skunk has been tormenting us for weeks…

Will there be a smelliest hat prize?

17 09 2009

Hey Cat #7…we live in the Portsmouth area and the scent of skunk has been in the air a lot lately eh!! Imagine if you got sprayed? How do you get the smell of skunk out of a “Cat in the Hat” hat?

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