Cat#49 Day 3 small road trip to T-burg =)

17 09 2009

Well yesterday was a good day i think i had to best reaction yet! i went to subway for lunch and i turned around to look around the room and i looked at a lady who was HARD CORE starring at me and when she realized i was looking at her, she jumped and started laughing so loud and apologized for starring!.. a lot of patients are starting to know more about this contest! And ppl must be talking b/c patients are asking to see me and my hat!

Today i went to visit my family and we took a tiny road trip to tillsonburg! I know there is one other cat in tillsonburg and I had high hopes to seeing here but it didnt’ happen! We took photos all around tillsonburg and EVERYONE was looking and laughing! however no one asked me what the hat was about!

Also i’m finding this hat isn’t itchy or hot! If anything it’s keeping me warm since i sit under an A/C all day. And my room is soo cold it keeps me warm all night!!!!

More pics to come tomorrow…

Anyways I have big plans for the weekend! Keep reading to find out what happens<3

XOXO Amanda<3




2 responses

17 09 2009
Tammy Cat #13

I can’t believe I missed you. I was all around town yesterday too. It is so lonely being the only cat in T’burg! Next time you visit be sure to let me know…maybe we can get a photo together!

17 09 2009

OMG for sure! I was sooo upset! I wanted to see another cat! …lol
I will for sure let you know tho!

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