Intro to Cat #32!

17 09 2009

IMG_1316IMG_1311Me and the girlfriendIMG_1308

wooooo whats up guys my names Nico and I’m cat #32!

I just started my first year at King’s College at UWO. Not only is this my first year at university but I’m also living on campus in residence! I’m loving wearing the hat around town, getting random high fives and meeting new people. At school though, NOBODY is local so not only do they not know about the contest, they don’t even know about FM96. Instead of friendly greetings, around school its more like do NOT make eye contact with the weirdo in the hat. But I’m  hoping that people will get used to it soon. When I can’t be found around campus chances are I’m on Wellington bartending at Red Lobster, come out and say hey (endless shrimp!). Anyways It’s about 8:20 pm now, so in rez time its time to get up and start my day! I’ll give you guys an update after my first shift at work.  3 down 57 to go!




One response

17 09 2009
Cat 40

Hey there… I work on campus so I am trying to educate the students with this contest… I know how you feel…. I think we get the weirdest looks as the non locals have no idea!

But rememeber you can alwaays take the hat off! Just kidding…best of luck! Steve Cat 40

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