Cat #21 @ Leafs game and Moxie’s

18 09 2009

So I must say.. Amazing game play for the Leafs. Some great goals and some great hits. My first NHL game ever attended and it was a blast. I probably would have been just as stoked if they lost, so it makes it that much better that they dominated. And I saw 3-4 cats, but now that I’ve seen more blogs, there were a lot more of us there than I thought. 7? 8? I don’t think any were sitting directly in the section I was, or there would have been a hissy fight 😉

After the game, me and hubby went to Moxies for the cat meeting, only to find Cat #7  all by himself. Cat #4 showed up shortly after. We had a couple drinks while waiting for more to show, but that was all of us before I left. So I don’t know if anyone else came or not.. but where were all you guys? =(

Anyways.. was funny. My first actually “outing” while wearing my hat. I got stopped in the bathroom (and I really had to pee) getting asked questions. People sitting in the section I was in were asking me all sorts of questions too, everyone wishing me good luck (THANK YOU). I feel a little bit like a celebrity. There’s people that know about it who say things, and then there’s people who have no idea about and say things anyways. It’s great lol

Here’s some photos from tonight!



2 responses

19 09 2009

Likewise…Good luck! Bit of a sorry turn out but there was a lot going on thursday nite. We’ll have to do this again but maybe indoors where it’s a little warmer!!

18 09 2009

It was nice meeting you and Jimmy, good luck!

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