Cat #56 – Day 5 shenanigans

18 09 2009

Firstly, a question…

I routinely wake up 45 seconds before my alarm goes off. Doesn’t matter what time I go to sleep or what time the alarm is set for, I ALWAYS wake up early! Is that a super power??

So….I’m a bouncer at The Out Back Shack at fanshawe and we had a huge pub night last night….everybody loved the hat and was very supportive! Thanks for the good luck wishes to all those that came out!

Saw a couple fellow cats as well….VERY tempting to ambush them…..maybe later on in the comp I’ll start sneak attacking other cats….watch out!

Also, got tickets to the Bills game on Sunday…can’t wait for all the strange looks from people there!




4 responses

6 10 2009

dude you suck at updating your blog

23 09 2009

Last time I tried to cross the border the made me take my silly hat off….you better watch that one of us spies doesn’t follow you to the game because they will make you remove your hat ” for security purposes”

23 09 2009
Auntie Jan

Jeffers ~

You didn’t want to share your newest venture with the family . . . .

I’ll have to break this news to you momma. I am not sure if she’ll be proud of you or not.

I might have to do an intervention. Anyway buddy, we hope you do well.

Love, Auntie Jan

18 09 2009

Heading to the Bills game Sunday too! Know anyone that wants to go? Had a guy in our group back out.

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