18 09 2009

Apparently my associate James from Vagrancy was on Tucker and Tazz this morning to talk about tomorrow nite’s big show at the Rainbow… guess he’s spending my winnings already from what I hear..

Anyways, he mentioned it was directed by Cat # 8 ( me) and I called him up afterwards and asked him if all the cat in the hat peeps can get in for free if they want to.  He said alright! So any FM96 Cat in the Hat can get into the Vagrancy 4 year show tomorrow night for free if they come with a paying customer. So your date pays but you don’t … still a pretty good deal if you ask me.. and just between you and me, there’s probably enough people out that you can find a “date” in the lineup waiting to get in…

SO !!!

Tomorrow nite ! Vagrancy 4 Year Anniversary Triple Feature Rainbow cinemas 11 pm $15 bucks @ the door, $10 if you mention FM96, free if you are a cat in the hat and have a paying date.

Other than that… At work still… the cat in the hat deal of the day is a SONY PSP playstation portable for only $99 and NO TAX!  stop in an get em while they last!




One response

18 09 2009

DAMM! I’d go but I’ll be at DKB =(
You should change the title of this blog to Free Movies for all Cats!

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