Cat #9- A small clip

18 09 2009

Here is the link to the video my friend took of me singing Karaoke at The Bristol Place.

She was very intoxicated and asked if she could sing with me while groping my hat.. She kept saying I love your hat… it was cute…

Anyways, she does drop the “f” bomb once so be alert if you want to watch this or have children.



P.s. I’m Headed to the fair tomorrow! I wonder what kind of adventures will turn up! I’ll post my news on my next CATPTAINS log 🐱 meow!



2 responses

1 10 2009

Yes it is!!! Funny the things people remember! Good fortune was great. Peter sold the restaurant so it’s no the same owners anymore. I haven’t been back since it was sold! Are those little kitties your friends?

1 10 2009

Is this the same Stormie that used to work at Good Fortune?? If so, Keep up the great work I hope you win. However your competition is going to #30,#32 or #59. Those cats look like they roll in kitty litter all day and don’t care!!

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