Cat#9 says:

18 09 2009

THAT Ambush was WEAK sauce! LOL. Good job Nichole for dodging the bullet!




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22 09 2009

Haha!! I’ll be working at great wall tomorrow from 16:00-20:00
Than ill be at The Bristol place around 22:00 for Karaoke!
Wednesday Ill be working at The Beer Store from 17:00-21:00
The beer Store Friday 17:30-21:30
” “Saturday 14:00-19:00
” “Sunday 12:00-17:00

^_^ i’m ready baby!!! purrrow!

18 09 2009

lol…making fun of the Ambush team eh?? You better hope that the number nine stands for 9 lives…get her Ambush team, get the hat!!…lol

18 09 2009


18 09 2009
Chris McLeod - FM96

Weak!? Be careful #9…be very careful…

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