Bad Day for Cat #36 on Friday….

19 09 2009

So after work I go home to get ready for a party yesterday evening. I get out of the car and my ankle gives out under me and I wipe out on the drive way, cutting my left hand and bruising my Righ thigh. Worse than that, a ring my grandmother got me in Egypt when i was 10, Flew off my finger. I spent an hour looking for the one of a kind non-replaceable ring, and couldn’t find it. Am sooooo ticked about that. Then I find out that the deviled eggs i made for the party froze in my basement fridge and are now icky rubber like gross things. I’m already an hour late getting ready looking for the ring, which i didn’t find, and in pain from falling and have nothing to bring to the party! I had a nice time anyway, but I want my ring back…Anyone got a metal detector I can borrow????

Friends from the London Life Gym

Friends from the London Life Gym



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21 09 2009

As much as i’d like a metal detector to find it, my husband is leary of someone we don’t know coming to our house. I appreciate the offer, but I think i will just rake my leave later today, if it stops raining…

22 09 2009
Sharon Clarke

I completely understand that point. My hubby wouldn’t want a stranger coming to the house either.

Just so you know I am not a crazy, just a helpful person trying to help you find a lost treasure. If you change your mind, email me, if you can get the email addy.

I hope you find it, and good luck with the rest of the contest.

21 09 2009
Sharon Clarke

I OWN a metal detector, If you would like me to come and help find it I would be more than willing. I know what it is like to lose a family heirloom. Just let me know through email, and I will help a “CAT” out.


19 09 2009

Best of luck finding the ring 36…

19 09 2009

I may be able to locate a metal detector…I’ll let you know ASAP
Jimi the cat #4

19 09 2009

If you have one that would be awesome…I really want the ring back…

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