Cat #13 Running with my hat

19 09 2009

Well I am almost done with my training runs.  A few more short runs this week and then I am ready….I hope.  I am afraid I might just loose some skin under my chin thanks to the chin strap on the hat.  The skull cap  I got to wear under the hat while running seems to be working well to keep me cool and keep the stink off the hat.

The marathon is next Sunday Sept 27th in Toronto.  If any fellow cats are going to be in TO next weekend let me know and I will keep an eye out for you!  I am thinking that I should wear a sign to let paramedics know that if they find me passed out from heat stoke to leave my hat on!  Should be a good weekend and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a cold day on Sunday!




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19 09 2009
Laura McFadyen Brown

I was actually going to run the 1/2 marathon in Toronto, but my dog died unexpectedly last month and I had a huge vet bill. I couldn’t pay the entry fee. I am planning on running that Sunday in support of my friends who are going. Good luck in the Marathon. I find if you put the strap around the top of you head and connect it to the other side, while running, it keeps the flaps off your head and is much cooler. you will need some “Roach” type clips to attach it to you hair, but it works and doesn’t fall off. I use my daughters clips, but maybe too pink for you. Give it a try…

19 09 2009

Sorry, can’t make it…BUT if I could I would only come to remove the sign…lol…good luck eh!!

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