Cat #4 Lovin’ Life!!

19 09 2009

This contest really is a lot of fun so far.  We’ll see how many of us think so after a month or so…I think things will start to get interesting around the half way point when people realize there are still ANOTHER 30 days!!  Haven’t seen too many cats around yet although I’ve heard from people on the streets that you’re out there.

It was good to see the other (2) cats out on Thursday nite @ Moxies.  You get used to the hat a little and  start to think that maybe you don’t look all that stupid but then you a sit next to a couple other people wearing the hats and you realize what a total dork you really do look like!  LOL  Oh well…for a cool ten Gs I’ll wear it till new years!!

Good luck cats and have fun.

Jimi the garbage cat




One response

22 09 2009

hey sorry man didn’t read your post in time to send you the info for the show. Got a couple more movies playing before the contest is done so I’ll keep you posted and we’ll see what comes up.

Next one is at the Drive in Oct 1st MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE plus 2 bonus vintage horror hits

Tickets at the door are $10 each or advanced carload passes are $25 but I’ll see if I can swing a cat deal like before…


/jake cat #8

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